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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A new year...

Since it's a new year I decided to post a new FAV store!  Okay so there I am just minding my business.... looking for some fabulous jewelry to go along with my outfit and I remembered hearing about this place called [Chuculet]... so I figure alright lemme see what they have... boy was I in for a shock!  This cozy little shop has the best prices for the cutest items.  I couldn't believe she was selling all these fantastic things for so little, I felt a little guilty and had to donate! (hehe)  So if you are running low on lindens and just have to have a cute bag or belt with that outfit... this is the place!

I wanted to start out the new year with a bang... so I traveled the road through the past year and saw shades of darkness.  I started to wonder if this year would hold anything different?

Gloom tends to follow me... screaming for my attention... waiting for me to notice.  I try to see the bright side but the darkness tends to sit heavy on my shoulders....

 How long can I sit around waiting for the negativity to lift and the sun to shine?  Can't you see I want to be happy... I want to believe that dreams come true!

Past years have been dark... But this year seems different some how, and a good friend did just tell me "this is your year Adri".  I'm starting to think she might be right! ;) 

Sometimes it takes someone from the outside looking in to help you believe in yourself!  I've been very lucky to have such a person... Happy New Year Besties!  May your new year be filled with the brightness of hope!

close up of the necklace detail

Shape: Daniella @ Black&Blue
Skin: Jesyfreegift - deep tan @ *JeSyLiLO* - free
Lashes: Avantgarde- Linkas @ [glow] - 100L
Hair: Chisato - cat's eye @ D!va - previous group gift
Hat: Fur hat [group gift] @ D!va
Pants: Dirty Jeans @ CandyDoll - previous hunt gift
Shirt: SVcombi - baseshirt - black @ SYSY - 55L
Necklace: Wing Charm Necklace @ :Fusion: - previously hunt gift
Bracelet&Ring: belle - pearl - coffee @ [chuculet] - 1L
Belt: low waist leather belt - black @ [chuculet] - 2L
Bag: maya bag - coffee @ [chuculet] - 5L
Boots: kemewa boots - sand @ [chuculet] - 5L

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Merry Christmas...

Hey Besties... I realize I'm a tad late, but what an amazingly busy RL vacation I had. :) I hope you'll all forgive my tardiness.  I hope to have this blog up and running again very soon... sorry for the delay in posts as of late.

Are you like me and still living in a RL winter wonderland?  Want to get some really cute winter pics or even have some winter fun but don't know where to go?  I found this very beautiful land on SL that you are SURE to enjoy...

This land is FULL of romantic places to snuggle up with your SL lover and enjoy the winter wonderland... There's a band and everything, so you can dance and make romance! ;)

This place is truly beautiful... I had fun trudging through the snow and you can almost smell the crisp air. 

They even have sleigh rides! Snuggle up with the one you love and enjoy the ride!  Rezz is a little slow, but not terrible.

I took so many pictures when I was here... let me share my adventure with my BESTIES! :)

 What a totally FULL day!! :) I hope you all enjoyed my fun filled day and again sorry it took me SO long to share this with ya'll!

>>> OLD EUROPE <<<

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Are you in the mood?

O' my... o' my... Oh my Gosh! :) I've done it again... found some really cute besties for ya'll!! This little ensemble will give you that perfect COY/NAUGHTY look, that will put your SL man in the mood! ;)

This SUPER sexy dress was SUCH a find at only 76L's!  The shoes are total Lady Gaga and because they're Vinyl Cafe's GROUP GIFT you can't go wrong with grabbing them! :) I found all that and the clutch from Vinyl Cafe, that store is defiantly worth a once over.

The hair was on the expensive side at 199L's but it's not everyday you find a hair with not only a color/tint changing HUD but the HUD can also control if you want a strand of hair in your mouth or not... LUFF IT! Thank you Magika for you innovative invention!!

This skin has been my favorite skin for awhile now... it was a previous Thirsty Thursday deal and I'm glad I bought it... if you have money to spend Black and Blue Outfitters has very well textured skins upstairs and occasionally they have a skin or two in a hunt, so keep an eye on this store! ;)

Enjoy these SL BESTIES!

..::♥AdRi ♥::..

Skin: Adrianne - Lemon Twist - special tattoo edition tramp [previous thirsty thursday gift] @ B&B Outfitters
Hair: Aina (blonde pack) @ Magika - 199L
Hair accessory: Daisy Chain UNCOMMON @ Tiny Bird - 35L
Eye Make up: Eye glitter (all) [previous juicy b-day cheapie] @ [a.e.meth]
Necklace: Love is a Deserter [precious freebie] @ [W&B]
Stockings: KissKiss Black @ *Sheer* - free
Clutch: Purse Pink Tartan @ Vinyl Cafe 20L
Dress: Chocolate Corset @ Vinyl Cafe - 76L
Heels: Gold Mod Heels [Group Gift] @ Vinyl Cafe

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Believe it or not I learned about Deshima through Facebook..which was kinda of interesting needless to say now I follow Second life on FB lol.. But I was amazed by the imagery of Deshima and knew that this was a place I needed to check out!

The landing deck has some interesting things including the time which is good because in space..there is no morning and night..

I stood in front of the Stargate but realized that it wasn't going to activate for me so I sat there dejected for awhile before making my move..

Walking down a corridor which seemed to be endless, not knowing which way to go I came across a beautiful sight wile looking out the window..

The sight was breathtaking looking out into the space it looked like a colorful nebula was within my reach..I wanted to reach out and just touch it with my fingertips.

There are so many rooms in this place it's like a maze I opened a door and it held a few space crafts I tried hopping in one but they didn't seem to like me haha..

This one was more alien-like in it's shape I should have gone to earth in but once access for me lol oh well I'll have to terrorize earthlings another day ;-)

There was a nice little meeting room that I came across on my journey through the halls and rooms this one must be very important since it was filled with all kinds of flags!

Leaning the room behind I continued on my journey..took a few zigs and zags and arrived at a room which can be described as an ominous sitting area...

Just as I was getting comfortable, brushing the dirt from my elbows I heard an eerie sound...I turned towards the sound cocking my head slightly then BAM..lights out..I died in space...

Come take your chances at Deshima I hope you don't meet the same fate as I did! Muwahahaaha!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Slow Sunday...

Today was slow regardless of the fact that it is Halloween and the lil ones are out collecting goodies so they can go into a sugar coma.  So I put this outfit together and thought you all might like a peek at it! :)

The pants were from Juicy's Birthday Celebration, that ended yesterday but they still have all the goodies up today, so if you hurry you might catch 'em.  The boots are probably one of my favorites.. my very good friend Gavin McGinnis found this store full of free high quality shoes!! It's AMAZING!! The jewelry is from the Jewelry Fair, which has ended and I didn't have a chance to blog about it, but Line does have a similar set still in the store for reasonable enough.  I hope you get a chance to pick up some goodies this Halloweenie!


HaPpY hAlLoWeEn!!

Hair: Jasmin.2 -Jaded Blond -250L from
Eyes: Jolie Eyes - Soft Blue -5L from >Imani<
Skin: Alessia [from Think Pink hunt] from CandyDoll
Jewelry set: Shelly - Brown-Purple [free previously from Jewelry fair] Similar pair available in store for 150L from :::LiNe:::
Pants: Juicy BD pants - free from Schwarz
Vest: Underbust Vest from *CUPCAKES
Boots: Babydoll Boot - free Black from Vignette

Sunday, October 24, 2010


"Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
'Tis some visitor,' I muttered, 'tapping at my chamber door
Only this, and nothing more.'" -Edger Alan Poe

Adri the Crow... this  fantastic Halloween costume is definitely a BESTIE!  The unisex outfit is VERY well textured and gives you that spooky feeling as soon as you click "add to outfit".

I hope you all get a chance to pick this one up! Enjoy!!


Adri's wearing
Hair: Tres/Tierra (Happy Birthday Juicy gift) [look for it on the table when you land] [1L] from Simply Britney
Skin: Addicted to Halloween Hunt Gift from ..::Adoring Charms::..
Eyes: Snow White from [Grim hunt prize] from La Belle Dame Sans
Outfit: Raven Suit [Grim hunt prize] from FoF

Henry Tudor Lands --In Memoriam--

I fell in love with this Sim and is sad to see it go but I shall post anyway because it was truly one of my favorite places to hangout and such.

The courtyard is filled with all kinds of goodies to hurt and maim oneself remember reading books about these types of devices? Usually only bad people get punished though hehe

Walking down the trail to the church I had to strike a pose before continuing on my way, time was of the essence that day as I needed some guidance...

I made my way to the church I was in serious need of some help before I had to face the trials not knowing exactly what was ahead in my time of need.

Everyone needs some kind of spiritual guidance and I was no different, fearing what was to come I said a silent prayer and left...

Making my way to the courtyard I knew was about to happen when I saw their torture devices let the fun begin! They tied me to the stake and burned me while I screamed bloody murder but...

It didn't quite work..guess I was a witch haha then they proceeded to take me to the guillotine where they did indeed chop my head off but being a resourceful gal that I am I played dead...

They took my body inside the building and put in a pile to be disposed of...but alas I woke at night and grew a new head muwahahaha!I picked up a fire poker near the grand fireplace to use as a weapon but to also light my way...

Making my way out of the building I saw the maze up ahead and decided I would be more safe in here when they discovered that my body was missing...

Going through the maze I was glad to have a little light with me otherwise I would have been truly lost...this maze is so much fun ;)

Finally reaching my destination I could rest without worry for this water was just as magical as me. Reflecting back on the days events I was happy to be safe and alive.

All in all this Sim was truly a lot of fun, it will be missed, there will be no LM at the end of the story because it is now gone, hopefully it will be resurrected like me haha, you can join the group in hopes of staying up to date if the Sim gets resurrected. I sure hope it does!